Pakshipathalam Hill Station

Kerala Hillstation

Connecting to the natural beauty of Pakshipathalam Hill Station!

Last year, Pakshipathalam was the place where we moved for a trekking. The unblemished beauty of the quite hill station along with the chaste forest surroundings, Pakshipathalam can be unquestionably tagged as the ‘Trekker’s Paradise’!

Everybody was literally brushed off their feet as soon as we arrived here! The wonderful hill station looked like an unexplored avenue waiting for us to reveal its innumerable secrets!

Pakshipathalam hill station is formed of huge boulders, some as big as 2 storied buildings and the caves present in this hill station act as dens for a variety of animals, birds. Their unique flora species have made it their natural habitat too.

Flora and fauna in their natural habitat!...

The Hill station of Pakshipathalam is located in the Wayanad district of Kerala, 7 km to the north-eastern side of Thirunelli. Amidst the sylvan seclusion of Wayanad, the hill station of Pakshipathalam perches at an altitude of 1740 m above the sea level. The hill station is a haven for numerous unusual as well as exotic wildlife species. Once believed that the verdant, lush deciduous forest of this hill station was a meditating point for many saints during ancient times. And that mystic aura is still there.

Although a sleepy picturesque tiny hill station, offers several challenging ways for trekkers amid the unspoiled forests and along the steep hills and rivulets. Though I am not a tough trekker as such, a mild foray through the forest in Pakshipathalam was truly thrilling. It is the ideal place for all wildlife and nature lovers. Besides, it’s one of the main centers of eco tourism in Kerala.

A retreat for wildlife lovers!...

Since Pakshipathalam hill station is home to a large number of rare species of animals and birds, this is the best location for all ornithologists as well as for those curious about this avian sect! Just like its name that means ‘Home of Birds’, Pakshipathalam is also a bird watcher’s paradise. The caves of this hill station are the abodes of the exotic birds such as ‘Edible Nest Swift’ that builds nests out of saliva. The caves were also the haunts of bats too. You shall also discover some alien birds from the sanctuary’s watchtower.

Pakshipathalam hill station is the prime spot for watching numerous plants and animals, which are otherwise very rarely found. Wild animals like deer and elephants are found in their natural habitat and whenever we got to see a herd we were all click-click with our digicams.

Trekking activities...

Pakshipathalam is the ultimate hub for trekking enthusiasts and just the way we planned our expedition to this hill station, many visitors were there trekking in the tranquil forests of Pakshipathalam. It is 10 km from Thirunelly and trekking is the only way visitors can reach to this spot. But before going on trekking into the deep forests of this hill station, it is very important to get the approval of the forest department. After the forest authority approves permission, they provide sufficient facilities.

Attractions around Pakshipathalam Hill station...

  • Edakkal Caves- Located on the Ambikuthi hills in the Wayanad district, these caves are 10 km from Sultanbathery and some of the nooks are really terrifying.
  • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary- Since 1973, this sanctuary has been an adjoining part to the much protected network area of Bandipore and Nagarhole of Tamil Nadu and Mudummalai.

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